University Supervisor Policies

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The university supervisor (US) serves as a liaison between the school site and the university, providing support and guidance to both the student teacher (ST) and the mentor teacher (MT). The US performs a critical role in facilitating communication and in providing feedback, assistance, and evaluation for the ST. 

Some general expectations include:

  • Be accessible to the ST and MT through regular visitations, phone, and email.
  • Encourage open communication within the team and a collaborative approach to supporting the ST.
  • Provide guidance on policies and procedures for student teaching and check to ensure that they are followed.
  • Confer with the Director of Music Education as soon as any problems arise.
  • Conduct at least four formal observations (two for each placement) using the Observation Report, followed by a conference and written report for each observation.
  • Ideally, observations should be from different grade levels and a variety of music classes where practical.
  • Promote reflective practice by reviewing the ST’s observation journal and providing feedback.
  • Keep the Director of Music Education informed of any problems with or changes that might negatively affect the progress of the ST.
  • Facilitate record keeping and documentation needed for the ST to obtain licensure.
  • Begin documenting the progress of the ST by completing the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) early in each placement, amending as needed.
  • Coordinate evaluation and grading of the ST’s performance, including the development and presentation of the e-Portfolio.
  • Provide the candidate with a recommendation for employment, if requested.
  • Complete evaluations of the MT upon conclusion of each placement. The Office of Clinical Practice will send links to the online surveys.